We provide website development services which performs by an integrated team of consultants, creative designers, and marketing professionals who are results driven. Website development including flash animation, e-commerce, internet marketing, worth it hosting, and other related services. The Multimedia Development or design process consists of the following principal phases such as planning and design. Tasks are listed sequentially, in the order they would often be tackled in the actual development process.

Card Online

We help you establish and improve your services, products online with the easiest and fastest way known as AUDI, Affordable, User friendly, Do it yourself and Instant updates. Business cards online is a web site complete with extensive research functions allows customers you get the information in the easiest way. We provide bi-lingual language, English and Malay, the language most widely used in this region. Our IT Professional consists of expert that will ensure that the Web works with the highest performance at all times. The latest information on products and related services is at your fingertips. 'Hot Promotion' will help users to update the product discounts offered.


Good planning is important to the successful outcome of any project. In order to gain success in our job, sufficient time should be given, and making sure that our aims and objectives are classified, roles and responsibilities are clear, the aims and objectives should be discussed before taking the further step, by this planning plays a vital role in the development of project.


Once the team has successfully planned than designing the look and feel of the interactive program and writing the content can take place

E-Business System Development

management systems integrated logistics tracking, inventory & e-Billing systems